Adapter for DAB reception

CODE 29.548.83


Description Adapter for DAB reception
Description Adapter for DAB reception
- Supported Media: Bluetooth, USB, MP3, AM, FM, DAB (with adapter 29.548.83), AUX (with rear USB connector).
- Display: TFT screen.
- Inputs: Bluetooth, 1xUSB, 1 pair of RCA.
- Outputs: 1 pair of 2V RCA pre-out.
- AM/FM Tuner.
- Power (max): 4x45W (4 ohms), 4x72W (2 ohms).
- Output voltage: 10.5 V – 14.4 VDC.
- IP65 protection degree.
- Accessories: clock (included).
- Additional features: stainless aluminium, silicone dashboard cover, 2 x external triggers (12V, 3A) for connection to amplifiers.
Height: 6 cm
Weight: 0,20 kg
Width: 13 cm
Cubage: 1.359 cm³
Length: 19 cm

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Adapter for DAB reception
Adapter for DAB reception